The minute the guy sensed that he have collected enough of the lightning-type heart Qi, Shen Tian patted the area on their body in which their kidneys are located and huffed around. “Black Rhino Armor, blend!”

Amidst the surprised looks of Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao, every black colored lightning collected up and steadily transformed into an ultra-cool black colored armour, wrapping up Shen Tian’s physique.

Their chest area, right back, and shoulders were covered right up by thick, black lightning-aligned armor, while four silver rhinoceros’ horns decorated the armor’s forehead and shoulder blade areas.

Shen Tian had intentionally affixed those rhinoceros’ horns on his armour using First Essence Heavy drinking water.

To sum up, it was a brilliant cool armour.

Compared to the tortoiseshell lookalike armor earlier, it featured so much more majestic.

Shen Tian took a mirror and got happy at their own expression.

Now, this is actually the befitting armor in my situation! I cannot accept myself becoming Master Roshi, no way!

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Really, but this IX Divine Lightning dark Rhino Armor’s powers nonetheless have to be tried.

Shen Tian couldn’t help but feeling excited at this idea. But just as he was about to tell Uncle Gui to strike your, huge sense of fatigue and emptiness washed over him.

Next second, the ultra-cool and thick super armor ‘crashed’ and demolished into parts!

Shen Tian couldn’t have time for you to shout, “Black Rhino Armor, dismantle!”

Appropriate which, Shen Tian appeared in front of Eunuch Gui and Qin Gao once again, wear his regular clothing.

There was resignation created throughout his eyes, and he looked disappointed.

Aish, that has been also fast—i’ven’t also treasured my time in it!

However, Qin Gao got filled up with jealousy when he said to Shen Tian, “Your Highness, the armor your created is amazing!”

Eunuch Gui nodded in addition to praised Shen Tian, “Indeed. It was really daunting and majestic. We guess even genuine fairies will fall for Their Highness in the event that you put it on in fight!”

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Hearing everything made Shen Tian let-out a sigh of comfort secretly.

Really, it appears as though each of them wouldn’t realize I found myself compelled to dismantle the armor, phew. Aish, how difficult all of this ended up being!

This collection of Ren H2O dark Rhino Armor indeed searched a lot better compared to the Black Tortoise Armor. Sadly, all that expected a large amount of character Qi.

Shen Tian had opted through a crude evaluation of their nature Qi tank at the moment. The guy could keep a full-bodied dark Tortoise armour for quarter-hour, but best a full-bodied dark Rhino Armor for less than 3 minutes.

There was a big difference of about five times committed between which both armors could possibly be kept. That was means absurd to simply accept!

Just imagine: as soon as enemies are at their very best, you had been currently more and completed with your very best.

In terms of long-lasting capabilities, this Black Rhino Armor would be overpowered!

And Shen Tian suspected the basis for they using up Divine Lightning abilities so fast was much more advanced versus proven fact that they requisite a lot more of all of them.

In the end, the super Emperor have developed the dark Tortoise Armor in line with the Xuanwu Beast’s bodily design. With similar number of character Qi offered, the dark Tortoise-shaped armor would become stronger in security possibilities.

It was due primarily to the point that the Xuanwu monster was actually celebrated for the security. Should you call for the Ebony Rhino armour to attain exactly the same method of result, they would need certainly to need so much more Spirit Qi.

These types of got the cost are paid for wanting to check suave—exerting five times a lot of amount of nature Qi!

Regular cultivators wouldn’t have dared to think of using much character Qi!

In spite of this, Shen Tian is determined to use the Ebony Rhino armour rather than the Ebony Tortoise armour. He’d never ever allow themselves to carry a tortoiseshell on their again!

What exactly if this needs 5 times more Spirit Qi? You will find adequate Spirit rocks to endure me personally!

I shall just use this skill as my personal final defensive skill… Or if i’m really, actually in a crucial situation, i could only change back to the dark Tortoise Armor. Aish!

After finishing their cultivation of IX Divine super (H2O) skills, Shen Tian transformed their attention to another history skillset.

To tell the truth, Shen Tian got anticipated this skillset actually more—it ended up being the super Emperor Body-Tempering ways.

If a person categorized the 5 Heavenly super Cultivation Technique underneath the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground’s Qi sophistication history techniques, then Lightning Emperor Body-Tempering artwork will be its key Body-Tempering heritage skillset.

Shen Tian once was cultivating the Tinder Sutra.

He was honestly inquisitive as to how this human anatomy tempering ways, which only costs two taels of sterling silver, would compare with the Divine Firmament Sacred Ground’s almighty super Emperor Body-Tempering ways!

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