Deciding the Age of a Raleigh.Denmark’s bike VIN/dating program.

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Denmark’s Bike VIN/dating system

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Observe that the serial amounts info below try fragmentary and partial, and many bicycles are actually much newer as compared to serial rates would suggest. It appears that Raleigh reprocessed lots of the earlier serial data in old age, so are there many bikes from the 60s and 70s that have serial rates that will indicates much deeper years.

Observe that the serial numbers info below was fragmentary and partial, and lots of bikes are actually a lot newer compared to serial rates would suggest. It appears that Raleigh reprocessed many of the more mature serial numbers in old age, so there are many bicycles from 60s and seventies that have serial rates that will indicates a great deal deeper age.

Sturmey-Archer Hubs

More elderly Sturmey-Archer hubs have two or three-letter unit requirements, which have been often stamped on the hub cover. Easily, additionally they will often have the thirty days additionally the finally two digits of the year of manufacture stamped onto the cover. Here is the easiest method to date a 3-speed bike, whether or not it has its own initial backside wheel.


Just before 1925, genuine Raleighs (definitely not brand names produced by Raleigh) had an easy numerical structure quantity. very early decades currently forecasted by organization. (tips through the Nottinghamshire Archives)

Keep in mind that the serial quantity facts below try fragmentary and unfinished, and several bikes are actually a lot more recent than the serial numbers indicate. It would appear that Raleigh recycled lots of the older serial data in old age, so there are many bicycles from sixties and 70s having serial rates that would advise a great deal higher years.

1925-Second World Conflict

Between 1925 and cessation of cycle production during 2nd community combat, emails prefixed or suffixed the operating framework wide variety although no sign is provided of this starting place associated with the figures. They seem to echo only the few equipments created while each letter was at use. All dating would for that reason getting approximate. (tips from Nottinghamshire Archives)

Article Second Business Conflict – 1955

After the war, Raleigh began including characters following run number collection which restarted when a new page was utilized. (Info through the Nottinghamshire Archives)

1955 – 1966

A unique numbering program ended up being released in 1955, though this went simultaneously making use of the outdated one for two ages. The brand new program included an additional working letter, added to the initial, which started in the very beginning of the alphabet.

Note: many mid-60’s straight measure 531 structures got serial numbers beginning with an individual letter which was to the end of the alphabet.

1967 – 1973

Another amounts program was introduced in 1966. This brand-new system used on the high-end (i.e. Reynolds 531) frames, and present the setting of a dynamics at the beginning of the serial wide variety. the smoothness began at the start of the alphabet, and suggested 12 months of make. Detail towards numerals that proceed with escort in Mobile AL the alphabet were sketchy, and they are apparently sequential serial numbers of some kind.

1966: A, accompanied by four numerals 1967: B, followed by four numerals 1968: C, accompanied by four numerals 1969: D, with four numerals

1970: elizabeth, with four numerals 1971: F, with four numerals 1972: grams, followed by four numerals 1973: H, with four numerals

Note: While this numbering scheme is normally correct, there could have already been some crossover utilization of emails at the beginning/end of every year (example. a “grams” serial number was built into a motorcycle in 1973, nevertheless frame was in-built 1972).

1974 – 1980’s

In 1974, a completely various numbering system was actually released for high end (531 and later 753) Raleighs. Serial rates should begin with a “W”, which represents Worksop, the facility that made these structures. This can be followed closely by another alphabet. This alphabet show the fortnight where structure is developed (for example. A = first fortnight, B = 2nd, etc.). The next character is definitely a numeral. It indicates the season of make, the decade are presumed (i.e. “4” maybe ’74 or ’84; truly as much as the interpreter to understand adequate to determine if the structure was through the 70’s or 80’s). Just what subsequently pursue is actually a few numbers. At this time, these appear to be some type of series, but this has maybe not already been corroborated.

American made Raleighs stated in Kent, Arizona, By Derby Cycle

Test wide variety: roentgen 0 033 1 0123 A

  • R (all)
  • Digits 1 & 5 are season. Test is actually from 2001
  • Digits 2,3,4 tend to be time (001-365). Test is from February 2
  • Digits 6-9 are sequential. Sample could be the 123rd bike created that move.
  • A = early morning shift B= evening change. Trial is morning change. Page rule might not be there, depending on production plan.

Our company is happy to respond to technical inquiries by email but please:

Dont write or mobile united states to ask the age or property value your bicycle. Most of the info we have thereon is on this Web page or on

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